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COBRA + Direct Bill from WEX

WEX simplifies COBRA and direct bill for clients through online elections and open enrollment, real-time payments, mailing required notices, robust reporting, seamless integrations, and more.

Our Technology

Our solution is time-tested, innovative, and trusted in the industry to help clients handle complex regulations and carrier needs.

Our Experience

You can depend on our decades of experience navigating the compliance and business of COBRA + direct bill.

Our Scale

WEX supports more than 31 million American families.

WEX Simplifies COBRA + Direct Bill for Everyone

From our intuitive participant account and mobile app, seamless integration capabilities, to our robust, on-demand reporting options for employers, WEX simplifies COBRA and direct bill for everyone.

Why WEX?

Reduce manual processes.
From leveraging automation, self-service options for employers, and streamlining the open enrollment experience, WEX takes care of nearly 100% of the work required to offer continuation of benefits, and processing elections and payments.

Offer a seamless user experience.
From employers to participants, our solution is intuitive, user-friendly, efficient, and 100% private-labeled.

Trust the experts.
With decades of experience, we understand the compliance and business of COBRA and direct bill – simplifying your workflow, helping your participants stay covered, and keeping your employers in compliance.

Why WEX?

Navigate compliance requirements with ease.
The burden of navigating requirements is handled by our experts, automated processes, and advanced technology.

Meet DOL guidelines.
We ensure notifications (ex.General Rights Notice and Specific Rights Notice) are provided to employees, and are tracked, indexed and timely. Plus, all notifications are available for review in the employer portal.

Communicate directly with carriers.
Reduce manual labor and ensure coverage stays up-to-date with the ability to communicate directly with carriers to provide coverage updates.

Access everything you need in one place.
Quickly look up accounts, access robust reporting, and view remittance (provided monthly) with the COBRA employer portal.

Why WEX?

Easily track and manage COBRA via mobile.
We manage almost all aspects of our lives from the palms of our hands. The WEX COBRA mobile app was built with that in mind, and includes a consistent, simple, and modern experience that gives you an easy way to make elections and access your account. And when you’re using a desktop, you can expect the same intuitive experience.

Take advantage of flexible, real-time payment options.
Whether you want to pay with a credit or debit card, ACH option, with a payment through your online account (via desktop or mobile app), or even with a check, you can do it with WEX (and see the payment reflected in real-time, not days or weeks later).

Update coverage during open enrollment.
When life changes, often your benefits need to change, too. With WEX, you can use open enrollment to change elections, select different plans, add or drop dependents, and more.

Get help when you need it.
Question about your benefits? Contact our accountable and empathetic service experts.

Why WEX?

Create a better user experience.
90% of our clients chose us for their administration when looking for a better experience for themselves and their former employees.

Trust us to serve with empathy.
Trained to help with difficult situations, our empathetic and accountable service experts are here to help COBRA participants.

Drive efficiencies by leveraging our integrations.
With 350+ payroll/HRIS/benefit administration partners and more than 225 insurance carriers.

Leverage our COBRA mobile app for participants.
Reduce confusion and noise to the client.

Reduce costs for clients and participants with marketplace from WEX.
Since its creation, marketplace from WEX has reduced COBRA enrollments by 40% across our book, which saves clients AND participants money.

Access all your clients in one place, with one login.
Using our broker / consultant portal, you can easily toggle between one client and the next with just a couple clicks.

Automated. Compliant. Seamless.

With decades of experience navigating the compliance and business of COBRA and direct bill, you can count on us to streamline your workflow and simplify the participant experience.

Streamline Your Workflow

Save time, reduce manual processing, and stay in compliance.

From financial reporting for tracking premium disbursements and settlements, automatically monitoring terminations and elections, 834 file transformation and mapping, to managing employee questions and issues, you can do it all (and view real-time updates) in the COBRA employer portal.

Access robust, on-demand reporting.

No more waiting for reports! Employers can quickly run reports on-demand in a variety of formats and/or take advantage of custom reporting solutions.

Customize the participant experience.

Extend your brand and style through colors, your logo, fonts, and via letters so your participants know they are working with you.

Drive efficiency with integrations.

With more than 350+ payroll/HRIS/benefit administration partners and more than 225 insurance carriers, you save time (and money) when leveraging our integrations.

View real-time data.

With us, you get complete transparency with access to all communications and reporting in real-time.

Fast Fact: Seamless Navigation for Employers

When using WEX for both CDH and COBRA, employers only need one login to access both of their consumer-driven health and COBRA offerings.

Simplify the Participant Experience

Access their account information online.

Our intuitive platform makes it easy for participants to submit payments, view their statuses, make open enrollment elections, and get help when they need it (24/7).

Stay connected via mobile app.

Nearly everyone has a smartphone (even if they don’t have a computer), which means that participants can maintain access to their COBRA and direct bill account when they leave your company (or are simply on-the-go).

View real-time payments.

Some systems take days to update after a participant makes a payment (which increases call volumes). But with WEX, participants get real-time, immediate updates to their account after making a payment.

Make open enrollment elections online.

When life changes, often times benefits need to change, too. With WEX, COBRA and direct bill participants can make open enrollment elections online and choose different plans, add or drop dependents, and more.

Receive automated, customized communications.

With WEX, our COBRA and direct bill letters are editable and separate (so you can make sure every letter is clear to avoid confusing calls from participants). Plus, letters and notifications are fully automated to save time and stay in compliance.

More than Software

We offer integrated services, such as payment processing and mail fulfillment, to reduce processing errors and keep you compliant.

Payment Processing

Billing/payment processing integrated into one system, and includes the industry’s only post-mark date aware lockbox service integrated directly for settlement.

Mail Fulfillment

Fully automated and compliant solution that is highly scalable (which makes it easy to manage erratic volume), and is completely hands-off with bar code technology.

Want More Information?

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