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5 powerful open enrollment tools from WEX

October 26, 2022

Employer benefits are a key differentiator for your employees. With open enrollment around the corner, it’s imperative to streamline the process in order to provide clarity on options and save you, and your employees, time. 

As you plan for a successful open enrollment, here are the top five tools available to you within the WEX benefits platform to easily find employee information, view trends, and help with employee questions as they enroll.

Open enrollment tool #1: My HSA Planner

HSA Planner

My HSA Planner is an open enrollment tool from WEX that makes it easy for employees (regardless of whether or not they have an HSA) to learn:

If you’re an employer (or you’re working with employers and trying to lessen their burden during open enrollment), you can share My HSA Planner with employees as a decision support tool. They can use My HSA Planner to remove the complexity of making an election and deciding contributions, and as a way to educate  employees about the benefits of an HSA (without taking it all on yourself). 

Check it out today.

Open enrollment tool #2: Portal customization


Beyond customizing the consumer portal with your brand, partners can take advantage of the consumer portal banner feature to share important information and resources with your employees in a timely manner.

Using consumer portal banners, you can share:

  • Open enrollment deadlines
  • Where to access My HSA Planner and similar open enrollment resources
  • Reminders to check their account balances
  • How to download the mobile app

It’s easy to target users based on their account behaviors (ie. whether or not they’ve downloaded the benefits mobile app), what they are enrolled in, and certain demographic information. This means you can serve up relevant information to ensure your messaging is helpful to the user, and drive them toward the action you’re looking for them to take.

Are you a partner and want to get started with portal customization? Reach out to your partner account executive.

Open enrollment tool #3: Benefit analytics

benefit analytics

Have you ever wondered how employees are using their benefits? Benefit analytics offers a baseline data set you can use to see how your benefits are performing.

If you’re a partner and don’t already have access to benefit analytics today, make sure to reach out to your partner account executive to learn how you can get your hands on data such as: 

  • Enrollment by plan type
  • How often employees are accessing their account
  • How your numbers compare to the market.

Open enrollment tool #4: Let’s chat

Let's Chat

Let’s Chat from WEX is a fast, reliable, secure virtual assistant for employees enrolled in your benefits plan to ask questions (which is especially relevant during open enrollment season).

Here’s why: With Let’s Chat, employees get instant answers … 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes answers to questions around their balances, claims, debit card, and receipts/valid documentation … right when they need it. And if Let’s Chat is unable to answer their question, it can quickly connect them with a member of a service team. 

If you’re a partner using Let’s Chat, you can:

  • Streamline your customer service team’s workflow. With Let’s Chat as the first line of response for frequently asked questions, your customer service team can spend less time spinning their wheels answering the same question many times a day, and more time resolving complicated customer inquiries.

Save time and money spent on customer support. Let’s Chat is an AI-driven chatbot built to be your first line of customer support (24/7), and can answer millions of questions at the same time. So instead of paying for the large customer service staff it would take to do the same (with increased handle time, etc.), Let’s Chat does the heavy lifting.

Open enrollment tool #5: Employer portal

The WEX employer portalis makes it easy to  run reports, save time searching for employee-specific information, manage file imports, and more.

With the employer portal, it’s easy for employers to: 

  • Enjoy a seamless connection between CDH and COBRA & direct bill. With the employer portal, you can easily navigate between your CDH and COBRA + direct bill offering with just a couple clicks.
  • Quickly find information they need. Whether they want the status of file imports, access reporting, or jump into employee-specific information with new at-a-glance visuals on the redesigned homepage.
  • Readily access, run, and download reports. Reports, on-demand and recurring are easy to find and can be downloaded in the format that works best.
  • Save time searching for employee-specific information. With improved navigation and search capabilities, the employer portal makes it easy to quickly find an employee and then view a summary or details) of their enrollments, contributions, and recent activity.

Are you a partner and want to learn more? Reach out to your partner account executive.

The information in this blog post is for educational purposes only. It is not legal or tax advice. For legal or tax advice, you should consult your own counsel.

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