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winter eligible expenses

Winter eligible expenses for your HSA and FSA funds

November 30, 2023

For many, winter is as synonymous for snowflakes as it is for sinus problems. Fortunately, health savings accounts (HSAs) and flexible spending accounts (FSAs) cover many common winter eligible expenses you might turn to this time of year! We’ve compiled a few common seasonal issues and eligible expenses that can help. Or check out this episode of Benefits Buzz below to test your skills on what’s eligible for HSA and FSA funds. 

Dry nasal passages

The cold, dry air of winter can really dry out your sinus cavities. You can find relief thanks to a number of products that qualify, like nasal saline sprays.

Sore eyes

Your eyes are also susceptible to the damaging effects of winter air. And sore eyes can result in less productivity and more headaches during your work day. Over-the-counter eye drops will provide your eyes with much-needed moisture, and therapy eye masks are a great way to combat dry eyes, headaches and sinus discomfort.

Back pain

Sledding, skiing, snowball fights … there are so many fun winter activities! Unfortunately, many Americans suffer from seasonal back pain that shows up when the temperatures drop. You can use pre-tax dollars to save money on purchases such as hot/cold packs and heating pads.


More than 8 percent of Americans have asthma, which causes breathing issues. For some, it can significantly impact physical activity. Winter only makes symptoms worse for many due to cold air and the amount of time people spend indoors. A number of asthma-related products are eligible expenses, including asthma delivery devices and oxygen flow monitors.

Winter survival kits

Before you venture out for winter fun, put together a winter survival kit for your vehicle. Your kit should contain supplies you’ll need if you experience car trouble or end up in a ditch due to icy roads. And many of the supplies you’d include in a winter survival kit are eligible expenses, including:

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