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Choose WEX as your benefits technology partner

The WEX benefits platform simplifies benefit accounts, reimbursements, and payments for everyone: benefit administrators like you, plus the clients, participants, and members you serve.

With WEX, companies like yours can grow revenue, improve client retention, strengthen participant engagement, and maximize operational efficiencies.

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Third-Party Administrators

You can easily and efficiently administer numerous consumer-driven healthcare accounts and COBRA.

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Health Plans

We partner with the nation’s leading health plan providers to develop solutions that keep members engaged and build long-term loyalty.

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Public Sector

Our platform and administration makes it easy for you to enhance benefits, health, and social programs for consumers and employees.

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Financial Institutions

The best technology and support for your consumers, whether you’re a large bank, investment firm, community bank, or credit union.

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HR and Benefits Technology

Partner with us to build a personalized (and fully integrated) benefits solutions that meets the needs of your clients and their employees.

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Our platform lets you take a personalized approach to support plan members, trustees, and administrators.

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The WEX benefits platform supports:


health SaaS accounts


health savings accounts


of Fortune 1000 companies

Sales, Marketing, and Operational Support You Can Count On

With WEX, you get access to premium sales, marketing, and operational support with Partner Central. This platform gives you a place to take advantage of sales and marketing resources while supporting clients, members, participants and anyone else who depends on you.

With Partner Central, you can access webinars and training, product-related announcements, and industry news. The perks include:

  • Easy login with personalized credentials
  • Access to hundreds of marketing materials
  • Convenient ability to connect with your partner account executive
  • Technical and business operations support

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