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With WEX ClearView, small businesses, large fleets, and government fleets can gain actionable insights into fueling and purchasing behavior.

Get easy-to-read reports based on your fueling data to help you manage budgets, improve fleet performance, find cost savings, and spot red flags.

WEX ClearView Fuel Price Explorer.


Easily Track KPIs

ClearView produces compelling charts and graphs that make your data easy to understand. It makes it simple to track your KPIs (key performance indicators), monitor your fleet’s overall activity, and find cost saving opportunities.

ClearView Essentials and ClearView Advanced track your KPIs across time periods by product, card, driver and geography.

Focus on Key Cost Drivers

ClearView lets you track fleet purchases by fuel type, gallons purchased, prices, and expenditures—so you can identify and prioritize key cost drivers, problems, and spending behaviors.

ClearView Essentials and ClearView Advanced let you easily isolate and quantify your biggest cost-saving opportunities and most prominent purchasing problems.

Quickly & Accurately Budget Fleet Expenses

Identify areas of overspending and find cost saving opportunities. This makes it easier to streamline your budgeting process and improve forecasting accuracy.

ClearView Snap breaks down your fuel spend to help identify new ways to save, and show you where changes may be needed.

Spot Anomalies & Card Misuse

Quickly identify overspending drivers and investigate suspicious transactions.

ClearView Essentials and ClearView Advanced let you examine spending behaviors, including exceptions like high-price purchases and non-regular fuel purchases.

ClearView Solutions

Three ClearView solutions—Snap, Essentials, and Advanced—make it easy to find the functionality and features that work best for your fleet.

ClearView Snap

Stay informed with quick-read reports delivered straight to your inbox.

  • Review fleet spending behavior in easy-to-understand charts and graphs
  • Monitor data trends to spot potential problems and target savings opportunities
  • Check fuel consumption and purchasing breakdowns by product
  • Identify your highest-spending drivers month-to-month
ClearView Snap Factsheet (PDF)

ClearView Essentials

Get a complete picture of fleet fueling activities—without touching a single spreadsheet.

  • Track fleet purchasing activity details by driver and vehicle
  • Spot your biggest purchasing problems and savings opportunities
  • Identify non-compliant driver purchasing behaviors
  • Investigate card misuse and potential driver theft
  • Track progress on savings efforts and goals
  • Improve results through updated policies and training
ClearView Essentials Factsheet (PDF)

ClearView Advanced

Move from insight to action with our most comprehensive offering.

  • Access current merchant data to direct drivers to the cheapest fuel
  • Identify non-compliant drivers and costly behaviors
  • Communicate directly with drivers/driver managers via email or text
  • Improve driver behavior and performance with targeted messaging campaigns
  • Measure progress and report success to all levels of your company
ClearView Advanced Factsheet (PDF)