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White Paper - Owner-Operators: Trucking Is Their Business

Posted August 11, 2016


The work of a truck owner-operator is all encompassing. In addition to driving they take on all the responsibilities associated with running a business. They must keep the truck running, keep customers happy, negotiate with outside vendors, keep accurate books and handle all problems that come their way.

It’s a tough job, but to many the added responsibilities are the price they pay for independence on the road. Still, many owner-operators hit stumbling blocks to success, or don’t reach their full potential.

In the white paper, Owner-Operators: Trucking Is Their Business, WEX Fleet One looked at some of the common challenges faced by:

  • The company driver making the transition to owner-operator
  • The owner-operator leasing to a company
  • The independent, well-established owner-operator building success

Topics covered include:

  • Developing a business plan
  • How to use load boards
  • Determining rates: Time vs. Miles
  • Leasing to the right company
  • Fuel cards and discounts
  • Factoring

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