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Posted September 28, 2017

health screening program


Open enrollment period might be the perfect time for another company-wide activity –- health screenings. Employees are already thinking about benefits and organizations can capitalize upon this opportunity to conduct a successful screening program. Screenings have the potential to provide significant savings for employers and employees by catching serious problems early and helping avoid future healthcare costs.

Approximately 140 million people in the U.S. have one or more chronic conditions. Yet fewer employees visit their physician annually. Health screenings can bridge that gap and encourage more active participation in health related activities.

This uniquely positions employers to engage employees in this important wellness event through the use of incentives, messages and co-worker participation. However, in the past employers have reported some health screenings haven’t met expectations. Employers looking to hold a successful screening program can follow these five steps as outlined by the International Foundation of Employee Benefits:

Create Targeted Approach

Ensure the appropriate screenings gets to the appropriate employees. Use information from evidence-based treatment guidelines and disease risk models for a targeted approach to increase participation.

Use Multichannel Communication

Employers should partner with screening services that enable automated outreach such as email, text, voice messaging and snail mail to reach employees through their preferred communication channel.

Coordinate with Network Physicians

Results have indicated that employees respond better to screening invitations from their physicians. Physicians also need information on their patients’ participation so they can follow-up and provide additional educational material.

Plan on Incentives

Studies have shown that employers who use incentives have reached up to 70%-80% screening participation rates. To garner maximum employee engagement ensure your screening partner provides behavioral analytics to identify what will work best for your organization.

Provide Prompt Results

Employees need information quickly on the results from their screenings. A plan with specific recommendations and next steps needs to be shared with participants promptly in order for employees to see and get the value from health screenings.

Employers need to provide a health screening program that offers convenience and flexibility for employees as well as encourages them to take a proactive approach to their health and lifestyle.

Source:  Benefits Magazine. Getting More From Health Screenings. September 2017. PP46-51.


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