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If you’re looking to reduce fueling costs for your business with a fleet fuel card — whether you have just a few trucks or several hundred – WEX has the right card for you.

With a WEX fuel card, you can save money with available rebates and tools to curb spending. You can also save time with automatic expense reporting. As your business grows, we’ll be there to help drive even further savings and efficiency, with tools like premium GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management data analytics.

What does a fuel card do?

Fuel cards are a better way to manage fuel and maintenance expenses for your business vehicles, it’s as simple as that.

If having vehicles on the road is a part of your business, fuel is going to be one of your largest expenses. And fuel prices are unpredictable, rising and falling due to factors out of anyone’s control. A fuel card helps give you consistent savings beyond what you can save at the pump — which provides just the kind of advantage your business needs.

WEX fuel cards help you control employee spending, identify fraud or misuse, track your purchases online, provide detailed reports, and more. This will save you time and money. Watch the video below for a quick answer to the question, “what does a fuel card do?”

Fleet gas cards give you more control:

  • Driver PINs at the pump help prevent the use of lost or stolen cards.
  • Automatic online accounting so you can stop chasing down reports.
  • Easy-access reports for every transaction, including location, price per gallon, fuel grade.

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What is a Fuel Card?

Fuel Cards Are Good for Business

Every WEX fleet card is smarter than a credit card, safer than cash. Just choose the one that works best for your business:

  • Looking for greater insights and controls on spending? Try the WEX Fleet Card.
  • Need to carry a balance? Check out the WEX Flex Card.
  • Want the best rebate, or already have a favorite place to fill up? Select a fuel card from the most popular retail fuel brands in the country.

Fuel Anywhere with a Fuel Card

Universal fleet cards are accepted at any major U.S. gas station, and over 45,000 service locations. No need to plan routes around where to fuel, or drive miles out of the way to find the right station. We even help your drivers find the cheapest nearby fuel.

Fuel More Securely

Driver IDs are entered for every transaction, for security and transparency—you always know who spends what, where, and when. Plus, you can set the purchase limits that work best for your business, putting guardrails on employee spending based on dollar amount, product type, location, and more.

Get Automatic Accounting

Details like driver identification, odometer reading, sales tax, and more are captured for every purchase, so you can stop chasing down fuel receipts. View card activity anytime, even download reports to your bookkeeping software.

Screenshot of WEX online portal showing news and events, important account information and a detailed invoice statement.

WEX EDGE Savings Network

The new WEX EDGE savings network offers exclusive discounts on the things that keep small business moving—like fuel, tires, wireless, and more. WEX customers get the buying power of a major corporation, in a way that’s easy to use, easy to track, and easy to save.


24/7 Customer Service

Our U.S.-based customer service team takes pride in being there 24/7, ready to answer your calls quickly and help you get the most value from your fuel card program. Great service is key to a great fuel card — and ours is the best in the business.

Products & Services

WEX Fleet Card for Small Business

The WEX Fleet Card is the fastest way for a growing business to drive real savings, with automatic online accounting and reports, controls on employee spending, purchase alerts, and available rewards.

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WEX FlexCard

With a 3¢ per gallon rebate and no setup, annual, or card fees, the FlexCard is the easiest way for a business to start saving on fuel. Plus, you get the flexibility to carry a monthly balance whenever cash flow is tight.

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Mobile Account Access

On the road? Fleet SmartHub is the free mobile control center for your WEX fuel card—your account is always a tap away. View transactions, check your credit limit, cancel lost or stolen cards, and more.

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Increase Savings with Premium GPS Tracking

A great fuel card is just the first step to great savings. Any WEX customer can add WEX Telematics, and use our premium GPS tracking for next-level operational efficiency and fuel savings.

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Put Your Fueling Data to Work

Start tapping into your own fueling data for new and actionable insights. Get easy-to-read reports to help manage budgets, improve driver performance, spot red flags, and find new ways to save.

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Fleet cards & fuel management

Discover all the ways that WEX fleet cards and fuel management can help your business.

Roadside Services

A free benefit of your fleet card program, Roadside Services is delivered in partnership with the National Automobile Club (NAC.)

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